AMERICA, the Colombian Federation of Chess and the Bolivar Chess League, has the pleasure to invite all the students of the American Continent and Caribbean and all the National Federations of Chess of the Américas, to the First Continental Scholastic Chess Tournament of the Americas, Absolute and Female, that will take place between the 7th & 11th of December 2007 in the city of Cartagena, Colombian North Coast.

        I. ISCU is an international organization that promotes the education of the chess in Schools worldwide, Guaranteed by the FIDE. ISCU promotes the worlds Scholastic Chess Championships, in the uneven categories Sub ISCU is presided over by Mr Kostiuk member of the Council of Education of the FIDE and it is under the Patronage of the Ex-world champion Anatoly Karpov. ISCU AMERICA was created in Greece in May of the 2007 and was authorized to make the Scholastic matches in the Americas in the Uneven Categories.

     II.            Cartagena de Indias cosmopolitan, Colonial, Tourist and Industrial, capital city of the Department of Bolivar, with a population of approximately one million persons, it is located with it´s beautiful beaches in the North Caribbean of Colombia, one hour in Airplane from Bogota or 15 Hours in car or 2:45 Hours from Miami, also it is possible to arrived from Maracaibo, Venezuela in Car in 8 Hours. Cartagena de Indias is Historical Patrimony of the Humanity according to UNESCO, is the Tourist capital of Colombia, with Cruise ships that leave Miami and Canada, it counts on a history of Spell of Conquest, Freedom, Pirates, Loves and Passions, that mixes with their beautiful beaches and islands enchanted with corals and all the marine species of our beautiful Caribbean, and with a varied diversity of fruits of the Caribbean and the cuisine highly  recognized in the Caribbean, a tranquil and dream site, scene of many varied Presidential summits including the United States which says much of its security. Cartagena with their Walls, Castles, strengths, the spectacular Balconies of the Colony, their 5 star hotels, casinos, reigns, bridges of Beauty to the height of the best ones of the world, make those who visit once always returns-.Cartagena possess an important physical infrastructure, hotel and touristic, that allows an optimal development of the competition, that together with the pleasant climate and the amiability of its people, will make you feel playing sports as in your home with a dream. In addition, in Sport, Cartagena was host in the 2006 for the Central American and of the Caribbean Games that united almost 1000 sportsmen of the Caribbean, Cartegena was host of the last National Finals of Chess. Cartagena also has several World Scholastics Champions from the last World Scholastics Championships in Greece..


The event will be governed by the following rules in this invitation and those not expressed, by the statutes of ISCU and ISCU AMERICA

Categories Male and Female

Under 7: Been born from 1º of January of 2000

Under 9: Been born from 1º of January of 1998

Under 11: Been born from 1º of January of 1996

Under 13: Been born from 1º of January of 1994

Under 15: Been born from 1º of January of 1992

Under 17: Been born from 1º of January of 1990

 System of Game: 7 rounds Swiss. Worth for ELO FIDE.

Rate of Game: 90 minutes by player, for all the game, with addition of 30 seconds from the first movement. With mechanical clock, 2 Hours to finish.

Characteristics: Opened match, each School or Federation will be able to register all the chess players they wish. All participants will have to exhibit his school membership card or letter that proves he/she is a Student within the last 3 months. The Colombian players will have to present/display the membership card of the respective EPS and the foreigners must present proof of their medical insurance cover in Colombia, the organization will have first aid.


System of Tiebrakes:

1.      Progressive

2.      Bucholz

3.      Youngest Age.




- Each country has the rights to receive lodging and meals provided by the organization for three people during the tournament, for a Masculine and Female player and a delegate (or trainer) determined by their Federations respective or selected winners Scholastic tournaments of each country.

- 1°, 2°, 3° of each gender and category acquire Title of Scholastic Continental Champions, Runners-up and Third.

- The Champions of each category and gender has the right to play in the next Continental Scholastic Championships with free Meals and Lodging by the respective organization.

- The Champion of each branch will have the payment of Rights FIDE for the Scholastics World Championships of the 2008.

- The organization will also recognize additionally lodging and meals, for a additional Delegate for  each 15 extra players of a country.

Note: For the official players, the organization recognizes from the Lunch of day 7 of December, to the Lunch of the 11 of December in double and triple accommodation. The person that wishes simple accommodation will have to pay the excess.



The three first in each category and gender will receive trophies.

The three first countries or school teams, that place by accumulated points in the 5 first places, will be declared Team Champions, Runners-up and Third of the Continental Scholastic Team Championships, accumulating points for 1st, 2º, 3º, 4º and, 5º place respectively, by each one of the categories and genders.

Site of Game: Main Hotel Hall.


Cost of the Inscription: All the players without exception, will have to pay the costs of inscription to ISCU AMERICA:
Official and extra players: US$ 40 (Forty Dollars American).

The delegations that register 15 extra players, its inscription by player will be of US$30

The sums will be paid in Colombian pesos at the official exchange rate of the day.

Grace period of the official registry days 6 and 7 until the 11 A.M, it will received directly by the Treasurer of ISCU AMERICA or his delegate.

No chess player will be able to participate without fulfilling this requirement.


DATE LIMITS OF PREVIOUS INSCRIPTION: Tuesday 6 of November 5 P.M, that guarantees the hotel reservation, including official players and extra.

The registration must formalize each Player, School or Federation via email with data of the players: Names, title FIDE, code FIDE, ELO FIDE, Date of birth, Category, Gender and Country, email  to

Each player will have to show the original passport and provide a photo copy.


Rate Airport the International Golden Bogota US$54


Calendar of Game:






Technical information and Conformation committee of Appeals

Friday 7 of December

2 P.M.


Friday 7 of December

3 P.M.

Round 1ª

Friday 7 of December

5 P.M.

Round 2ª

Saturday 8 of December

9 A.M.

Round 3ª

Saturday 8 of December

5 P.M.

Round 4ª

Domingo 9 of December

9 A.M.

Round 5ª

Domingo 9 of December

5 P.M.

Round 6ª

Monday 10 of December

5 P.M.

Round 7ª

Tuesday 11 of December

8 A.M.


Tuesday 11 of December

12:30 P.M.



Before initiating the first round a listing of all the participants with its respective date of birth will be published.

The organization will facilitate 6 Computers, so that the players can digitize their games (one by category).

All the players have the obligation of digitize their games.

The parings and archives PGN of 50% of the games will be published one hour after finished the last game in each round on the official pages of the match:  -


In addition, the parings will be published in the official Hotels of the Tournament.

Will emit digitized bulletins and Pgn, for which, the players or trainers will have to take adapted digital storage medias (CD, Memories USB).



For all the Official players and Extras, Hotel Package: It includes 4 nights, 5 days with breakfasts, lunches and meals Buffet type, from the lunch of day 7, to the lunch of day 11, in Room with conditioned air, Security, Swimming pool, sauna, Beach to the front of the Hotel.


Double room US$200, in Triple Room or Quadruple US$ 180

Additional nights US$50 doubles or triple US$45


Capacity limited, until exhausted by order of registration.


Optional: Transfer Airport Hotel, going and Return: US$15 with personal Tours

Additional costs: Coralline Rumbera kid, Stroll by the Islands and Reefs, Classes of Buseo, Stroll in car by the walled City, Entrance to the Castle of San Felipe, Stroll to the Fort of Bocachica, Stroll to the Volcano of the Totumo (Medicinal Mud).


Any other additional information contact:

In Cartagena and Colombia we await you with our human warmth, so you may have an unforgettable tournament.

 Warm Greeting

Jose Orlando Ruiz Jasbon  - COLOMBIA

Russell Smith – TRINIDAD & TOBAGO


FM Julio Julio Espinosa - CUBA

Secretary General